Word count using Javascript (jQuery or Pure JS)

This small snippet of code, help you create Word count tool using JavaScript for creating an abstract guideline tool

Convert seconds to hh:mm:ss using Javascript

In this article, I have mentioned how we can convert seconds into hours/minutes/seconds (hh-mm-ss) using Javascript.

How to Populate (Bind) Dropdown list using jQuery AJAX in ASP.NET

In this article, I am going to provide you an example of how to populate or Bind dropdown list using jQuery AJAX & JSON in ASP.NET web-forms and database.

C# Create OR Generate Word Document using DocX

In this article, I have provided step by step procedure to generate word document using C# and DocX library, which is easy and fast to use.

Convert EPOC (Unix) time stamp to Datetime and Vice-Versa in C#

In this article, I have showed a console application example to convert unix timestamp to datetime and datetime to unix time in C#.

Simple C programming examples with output (must read for beginners)

This article gives you various useful simple C programs code with output, which is a useful & a must read list of basic C programs for beginners

Best AWS S3 Free Alternatives

In this article, I have provided list of best free alternatives to amazon web service (aws) s3 storage, with there features and free plans details.

Top Amazon EC2 Alternatives

In this article, I have mentioned best Amazon (AWS) EC2 Alternatives with it's features, which you can use for cloud hosting services.

What is EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) in AWS

In this article, I have explained what is ec2 instance in AWS and how good it is to use for hosting a web-application.

Multiple ways to add newline into a String in C#

In this short article, I have provided multiple ways to add a line break into a string using C# with Console Application example.

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