File I/O in C# (Read, Write, Delete, Copy file using C#)

In this article, I have explained about File input/output (I/O) handling operations in C# with an example to read, write data to a file and delete or copy the file using C# .NET Console application.

Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts in c# with example

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming, in this article I have introduced you the concept of Object-Oriented Programming in C# with example

Connect to SQL Server in C# (example using Console application)

In this article, I will provide working console application example in C# to connect to SQL server database and explain about connection string C# with various connection strings sample.

Get IP Address using C# (Local and Public IP Example)

In this article, I have provided sample code to get client ip address using C#, I will be providing example of both, public IP and local IP using Console application.

In Memory cache C# (Explanation with example in .NET and .NET Core)

In this article, I have explained about in memory cache in C# with an console application example in .NET and .NET Core, how to add cache item, remove it, update it or get it's value.

jQuery AJAX in ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, I have provided working example to send data to C# ASP.NET Core MVC controller using jQuery AJAX Post method call.

Get image width and height using Javascript and jQuery

In this article, I have explained how you can get width and height of an image before upload using javascript or jQuery to impose width or height constraint.

Generating GUID/UUID using Javascript (Various ways)

In this article, I have provided details on how to create or generate guid / uuid using Javascript easily, in various possible ways.

File Upload in ASP.NET MVC (Single and Multiple files upload example)

The article explains & gives you tested and working code for uploading file in MVC C#. I have explained about uploading single or multiple files in ASP.NET MVC.

Ezoic vs Adsense (Which is better? With Ezoic Review)

In this article, I have provided Ezoic review, after using it for more than a year and also compared Ezoic vs adsense in this article, so you can which one to use for blog earnings.

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