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Pyramid Triangle pattern programs in Java with explanation
This article gives you code to print different types of pyramids in Java and explains the code, which helps you clear you concepts of programming in java.
Java print pyramid in java java8
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Fibonacci series program in Java (With and without recursion)
In this article, I will explain about what is Fibonacci and how to code Fibonacci series program in java with various ways using recursion and without it.
Java fibonacci program in java fibonacci series program in java
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Difference between HashMap and Hashtable in Java
This article gives details about the difference between HashMap and Hashtable in Java with an example & let you know which is more efficient.
Java Hashmap Hashtable difference
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How to compare Strings in Java?
This article explains how can we compare string in Java and give brief insights with an example about various string functions in Java programming language.
java string comparison java-string-compare comparing-strings-in-java
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Servlet in Java with example (Saving form data in database using servlet)
In this article, I will explain about Servlet briefly & will save data in database from HTML form using Servlet
Java J2EE form-fields servlets insert-data-in-database servlets-in-java

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Java program to reverse a string (Different ways explained)
In this article, I will provide working code examples of various ways to reverse a string in Java with explanation of code.
Java reverse string program
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Palindrome program in java (String & number example)
In this article, I will provide you working code example for checking if number or string is palindrome or not in Java using multiple ways with explanation.
Java Program for palindrome check palindrome in java
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Leap year program in Java (multiple ways)
In this article, I will provide you code to create leap year program in java in various possible ways with code explanation.
Java leap year program program for leap year
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500 Internal Server Error when calling .NET web service from android in Java

When i'm trying to invoke my web service(in.NET asmx) from Android Java ... I'm getting

this error ->  500 Internal Server Error.

              -> Response{protocol=http/1.1, code=500, message=Internal Server Error, url=http://example.in/webservice/login.asmx}


here is my Login Activity..

Java Internal-server-error-500 web-service-call
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Armstrong number program in java
In this article, I will provide you code samples to write the java program for Armstrong number and will explain what does Armstrong number in java mean.
Java java program for armstrong number armstrong number in java

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