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How can i undo my last Commits on Git?

I have committed some files on my Git using Visual Studio, which i want to undo now, as the code and i want to change it without pushing it to server, i haven't pushed the committed files on server yet, so how can i achieve it using Visual Studio or with some other source?


git git-commit git-undo-commit git-revert
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C# Delegates explanation and it's use with Example
This article will help you explain what are the Delegates in C# with the example, its advantages and when we should use delegates.
C# c-sharp delegates explanation what are delegates in c# when to use delegates
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Getting error "Sequence contains no elements"

Hello, I am using the below code to fetch some data from database and getting the error "Sequence contains no elements"

 public static IEnumerable<CompanyLicenseKey> GetCompanyLicenseKey()
            OPEntities onepassDB = new OPEntities();

            //Let's get the onepass User model first
            var user = onepassDB.UserAccounts.Where(x => x.Email == OnePassUserAccountEmail).First(); //error in this line

            var userLicenseList = from c in user.CompanyProfiles
                                  join l in onepassDB.CompanyLicenseKeys.Where(x => x.IsDisabled == false)
                                  .Select(x => new { x.CRMID, x.LicenseKey, x.FriendlyName, x.ProductName })
                                  on new { c.CRMID } equals new { l.CRMID }
                                  select new Models.OnePass.CompanyLicenseKey { LicenseKey = l.LicenseKey, FriendlyName = l.FriendlyName, ProductName = l.ProductName };

            if (ProductName == "")
                return userLicenseList.ToList().OrderBy(x => x.FriendlyName);
                return userLicenseList.Where(x => x.ProductName == ProductName).ToList().OrderBy(x => x.FriendlyName);

Error image


C# entity-framework asp.net-mvc
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How to access a variables and functions of a specific class from another class in C#

How to access variables and functions of a specific class from another class in C#

Please give an example.

C# .Net
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Error "Maximum request length exceeded" in ASP.NET MVC

When I am trying to upload a pdf file(10 MB) using javascript file upload in my ASP.NET MVC application, I am getting this error as below

Maximum request length exceeded

Here is the image of the error


C# File upload ASP.NET MVC

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How to find and extract only number from string in C#?

I have a string with numbers in it, for example here is the string "121 testing your City", now, I would like to extract only "121" from the string, how can I do that using C#?

C# extract int from string
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how to convert datetime from one timezone to another in C#?

I am working on a C# project in which user can change datetime column time zone using its profile page. For example, when I log in into the system, I can change default time zone (PST) to Indian standard time(IST) after doing all the column of date time should show time-related to IST time zone.

Basically, we are saving all the datetime value in the database as PST time zone, now based on user-selected time zone I need to show datetime.

So I would like to convert my PST datetime (8/16/2016 12:56 PM) to IST or any other timezone selected by user dynamically using C#.

How can I convert datetime from PST to any time zone using C#?

C# datetime timezone conversion
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Find common multiples between element of array in C#?

Hi, how can I get the common multiples of all element of array for example I have this array 2 4 3 . And I want to get the common multiples I do this code but not working. Can someone help me please. Thanks.

C# Count common multiples
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How to remove server headers from IIS in ASP.NET MVC easily, need step by step guide?

How do I remove unnecessary HTTP Headers in IIS and ASP.NET application simply, please provide me step by step tutorial for improving security in this area?

I have already googled this and found few solutions but I need an easy tutorial, which can guide me to remove all unnecessary HTTP Headers from Response.

Any link or step by step guide will work.

ASP.NET C# remove unnecessary headers MVC
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How to convert HTML text into plain text using C#?

I have a requirement in which I need to render/display plain text from HTML content, so I would like to know how can I do it using C#?

For example, below is my HTML code

C# HTML to plain text

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