How to remove double quotes from string using C#?

I wanted to remove double quotes from a string using C#, How can I do that easily and efficiently?

For Example, I have string : "-10,20", how to get output -> -10,20


Asked by:- Vinnu
: 1625 At:- 8/16/2019 12:35:50 PM
C# remove double quotes string

1 Answers
profileImage Answered by:- pika

Here are few ways to remove double quotes from string using C#

var yourString= "-10,20";
yourString = yourString.Replace('"', ' ').Trim();


Using .Trim

yourString= yourString.Trim('"');


yourString=yourString.Replace("\"", "");

Any of the above solutions should work.

At:- 8/21/2019 11:46:31 AM
Thanks for correct answer and all alternatives. 0
By : Vinnu - at :- 8/29/2019 3:05:42 PM

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