Program to remove duplicate elements in an array in Java

In this article, I have provided various working code solutions to remove duplicate elements from an array in Java

Read OR Generate QR Code in ASP.NET Core

In this article, I have provided working example code to read or generate QR Code in ASP.NET Core using ZXing.NET Core Library.

Black Friday Deals (Hosting, SEO, Programmers)

In this article, I have provided upcoming Black Friday deals for programmers, web-developers,SEO Expert and Black Friday Hosting deals.

Creating sticky header on scroll using CSS

In this article, I have explained how you can create a sticky header navigation bar on scroll using CSS easily and how to create sticky div on scroll using plain Javascript.

Select only Year in Bootstrap Datepicker

In this article, I am going to provide you working sample to show or select only Year in bootstrap datepicker with a working example and code.

How to back up SQL Server database ? (Various Ways explained)

This article explains various ways to backup SQL Server database using C#, using Powershell script, by generating scripts in SQL server or writing a script.

MySQL Connection in C# (Console Application Example)

In this article, I have provided working sample to connect to MySQL in C# using Visual Studio with Console application example.Also , how to insert new row in MySQL database in C# and Visual Studio.

Open and Read XML in C# (Examples using Linq, XMLReader, XMLDocument)

In this article, I have provided C# code to open and read XML file node using XMLReader or using Linq in Console application, with example of which one is fastest.

Best laptop for programming and video editing

In this article, you can find about best laptops for programmers to code, which can help you build/develop high-quality software, web-application, mobile application etc

Best Javascript Charting Libraries

In this article, I have provided list of various top quality Javascript chart libraries, which is useful for front-end developers and should be used in web-applications to show data efficiently.

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