Form validation in javascript

In this article, I have provided complete step by step procedure to validate form in javascript, without using any external library.

Create Excel file in C# without Interop (MVC (EPPlus) and Console (NPOI ) example)

In this article, I am going to explain you the procedure of generating excel (.xlsx) file using C# and EPPlus in ASP.NET MVC without using Microsoft office or Interop.

Read excel file in C# (.XLSX or .XLS using OLEDB / EPPlus or Interop)

In this article, I am going to provide you code with explanation to read excel in C# using OLEDB OR using EPPlus OR using Interop in Console application.

File Uploading using jQuery Ajax in MVC (Single or multiple file upload)

In this article, I have explained the process of uploading single or multiple files using jQuery Ajax in ASP.NET MVC or using Pure Javascript with FormData.

File uploading using DropZone js & HTML5 in MVC

This article will explain you, how you can upload multiple/single file(s) by browsing or by drag and drop functionality using DropZone.js (JS library) in ASP.NET MVC by clicking form submit button (Step by Step tutorial)

Rotate image using HTML and CSS

In this article, I am will be providing you working sample to rotate image using CSS in HTML using CSS property like Transform.

How to Create login & registration page in MVC with database (ASP.NET)

In this article, I will explain and show you how to create custom login / logout and registration page in mvc with database using Entity framework & proper Validations.

Converting JSON to XML OR XML to JSON using C#

In this article, I have provided working sample to convert JSON to XML OR XML to JSON using C# with an working example.

Creating Google charts in ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, I have provided working example to use google charts in core web-application by returning JSON data from server.

Multiple ways to add newline into a String in C#

In this short article, I have provided multiple ways to add a line break into a string using C# with Console Application example.

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