Top Amazon EC2 Alternatives

In this article, I have mentioned best Amazon (AWS) EC2 Alternatives with it's features, which you can use for cloud hosting services.

What is EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) in AWS

In this article, I have explained what is ec2 instance in AWS and how good it is to use for hosting a web-application.

Multiple ways to add newline into a String in C#

In this short article, I have provided multiple ways to add a line break into a string using C# with Console Application example.

String to Float in C# (Various ways)

In this article, I have mentioned, how we can convert string to float in C# using various possible ways with console application example.

Creating copy to clipboard using Javascript or jQuery

In this article, I have provided sample code with output for how to create copy to clipboard functionality using javascript or jQuery

Enabling CORS in IIS (Various possible methods)

In this article, I have provided various possible methods to enable CORS using IIS server configuration, using C# or Web.Config or using IIS manager.

Set Default Value to Property in C#

In this article, I have mentioned with an example to set default value to a class property in C#

Union vs Union All in sql server

In this article, I have mentioned what is difference between Union and Union All in SQL Server with example.

Understanding SQL server COALESCE() with example (ISNULL comparison included)

In this article, I am going to provide you complete details of SQL server COALESCE function with example & will compare it with ISNULL.

Bootstrap alternatives

In this article, I have mentioned popular bootstrap front-end framework alternatives to be used for web-development.

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