In one the previous article, I have mentioned Ezoic vs Adsense (Which is better? With Ezoic Review) but now in this article, I have compared Valueimpression vs Ezoic, since I have used both of these ad networks, so I can try to give you proper details with some experiments which I performed.

Before we begin, if you are still using Google Adsense for your website or blog, I think you should switch to ValueImpression or Ezoic, since both of these give you definitely more earnings than Google Adsense.

What is Ezoic and Valueimpression?

Let's understand in a simple way what is Ezoic or Valueimpression.

Ezoic: Ezoic is a ad network, which uses your Adsense and Google Adx and performs various automated website tests, that helps businesses increase traffic and boost revenue by testing hundreds of ad location and style combinations.

Valueimpression: Valueimpression is also an ad network, which has relationship with all the world's biggest advertising exchanges, using which they show ads on your blog and help you earn better, by showing more audience related ads.

Do you need Google Adsense Account to be on Ezoic or Valueimpression?

No, you can have Ezoic or Valueimpression accounts and show ads using there ad inventory without having Google Adsense account, but it is better to have Adsense account first.

Which has better CPM, Ezoic or Valueimpression?

I will say both have excellent CPM rate, but I will show you a small comparison on both ad networks highest earning placeholders.

I tried to place both ads at same position, first, I placed Valueimpression ad and then after 1 month I used Ezoc ad at that place and here is the CPM/RPM for that ads, as shown below in image


Valueimpression ad is paying $0.65 for 1000 impressions while Ezoic ad is paying $2.19 per 1000 impressions of ad for same spot of ad and have same ad size of 300x250.

So, clearly Ezoic wins here.

In display ads, Ezoic has better inventory of ads and pays more than Valueimpression.

When is Valueimpression ahead of Ezoic?

If you are just checking display ads, then you may find Ezoic ad CPM/RPM better than Valueimpression, but when it comes to show Video ads, Valueimpression has excellent results.

Valueimpression video outstream ads, pays $2-$10 and Ezoic video ads doesn't have that kind of CPM or even Ezoic bottom floating ads, doesn't have that high CPM.

You can take a look at few sample CPM rates for outstream ad of Valueimpression.


Which one to use for a blog monetization (Ezoic or Valueimpression)?

I will suggest you to use both of these ad network if possible, this may decrease website speed, but I will advice you to use all display ads using Ezoic and use outstream video ad of Valueimpression.

Since, using both may increase your earnings.

You can also try and use Valueimpression in your Ezoic mediation.

What are the requirements to Join these networks?

Ezoic: Previously Ezoic had miniumum requirements of 10k Sessions per month, but now even if you have less than 10K sessions per month you can join Ezoic Access Now program.

Valueimpression: To be eligible for Valueimpression, your blog or website must have at least 25k monthly visitors, there is no exact numbers but they will accept you or send you invite to join once you have 25k visitors per month.

Do Ezoic or Valueimpression charge for there service?

Directly they don't ask for monthly subscription or payment from you, but Ezoic shows a small ad at the bottom of your page and earn from it.

While Valueimpression take some percentage of money from your ads, which is not mentioned on there website, but I am guessing this part, as I suppose anyone will take some commission when they help you earn more from your blogs or website.

Are these ad networks better than Google Adsense?

YES, 100%, Ezoic or Valueimpression will give you 3-4 times more than Google Adsense for sure.

As Ezoic uses AI, which helps you earn more and Valueimpression uses lots of ad networks to help you earn more, so they both give better earnings than Google Adsense.

I will suggest you to start using Ezoic first and if everything works well you can try Valueimpression for Video outstream ads.

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