If you are blogging for a while, you might be thinking to earn some money from it, then Google Adsense is first choice for many bloggers, but if you are thinking to add another source of earning or may be better alternative of adsense, then Ezoic is best option for you. Ezoic can increase from 50% to 200% of your earning using Artifical intelligence.

Ezoic Review

Before I started reviewing Ezoic, I would like to show you what I was earning before Ezoic using Adsense only and after I started using Ezoic.

So here is Nov 17-30th, 2019 period when we were using Adsense for one of our websites.


You can see in the above image, I had total 12,449 pageviews and earned only $15.11 using Google Adsense, with RPM = $1.21 only, which is very low.

So, i switched to Ezoic from adsense and start using it from 2nd Dec,2019 and my earning $66.14 for 2nd Dec-2019 to 31st dec, 2019 with RPM(EPMV- Ezoic term) = $3.66, so if we consider only EPMV, you can almost increase of 300% in RPM or EPMV in 1st month itself.



After a year of using Ezoic, EPMV increased with AI and Website traffic also, because of which next year same month EPMV = $6.76


So, yes, Ezoic is have not only increased my blogs earning, but it has also increased blogs traffic.

So, you can see the clear difference between Adsense and Ezoic earning, clearly Ezoic is winner here.

How Ezoic increases Earnings? (How Ezoic works)

Ezoic uses your Adsense and Google Adx and performa various automated website tests, that helps businesses increase traffic and boost revenue by testing hundreds of ad location and style combinations.

In other words, Ezoic will add ads on different locations of your blogs automatically using there AI technology and will use best ad position to increase your website earnings.

As publishers may find manual ad testing too time-consuming and technically challenging.

With Ezoic’s automated testing platform, publishers can access a machine learning (A.I.) testing system that could help them increase revenue and improve user experience at the same time.

What is Leap in Ezoic?

Leap is tool created by Ezoic, using which you can boost your website speed, it recommends you to use best technologies to help boosts your website speed and decrease page load time.

Which gives your better Core Web Vitals value and hence, in return it increases your search engine rankings.

Does Ezoic Increase Website Traffic too?

Yes, we have been using Ezoic for more than a year and I can say "YES", if your on-page SEO is good, using Ezoic will increase your traffic.

Using Ezoic you can use tools like Title tag tester and Leap to increase your websitr traffic.

Leap will decrease your page load time and hence faster website are ranked better.

Using Tag tester, you can try out different page titles to determine which title for a blog post improves SEO performance the most.

How is Ezoic Support?

Ezoic has an excellent support system, if you are having an issue, just login into your account and then go to "Help Center" -> "My Tickets" -> Create new ticket using "Get In touch" or check old tickets messages.

Usually, once you create a ticket they will reply you within 1 business day, but sometimes they can take longer than 1 day, due to holidays or lots of ongoing issues.

But in my case, mostly, I have got a reply from their support staff within a day.

Not only this, but you can also use their Facebook Group to get a quick reply from Ben Adler or other Ezoic users.

What are Ezoic’s Minimum Requirements?

You must have a minimum of 10,000 page views per month, if you have below 10,000 page views per month, then you can try on Ezoic Access Now program, which is similar to Ezoic, and it will also increase your website revenue for sur.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite there. It’s worth applying and Ezoic will review applications on a side-by-side basis.

Is Ezoic Free?

YES, Ezoic is free to use.

They will show an ad at the end of each page with their logo if you have a free plan.

If you don't want to show their logo with ads, you need to buy a plan which starts from 40$/per month.

The difference? If you join for free, you will not earn income from 1 ad on each page. That means if one page has 4 ads on a page, you will earn from 3 of them and Ezoic will earn from the other one.

Steps to get started with Ezoic

You can click here for Ezoic and signup, fill in all the details and they will review your website.

Once your website/account is approved, you can use Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension to add placeholders to your website.

Or you can also ask your account manager to add ad placeholders for you.

Is Ezoic Worth using?

I will say "YES", but I will also show you why it is worth using Ezoic.


You can see from the above image graph, how earnings from Ezoic increase month by month and there is no doubt, it is better than using only Adsense.

Here is updated image to show you further earnings reports using Ezoic


As you can see from the above graph, we saw a further increase in earnings, while using Ezoic.

So, what are you waiting for start using Ezoic now and start earning a lot more from your blog now.

What are other benefits of using Ezoic?

You will be earning more than Google Adsense for sure, but there are many other benefits of using Ezoic, like using Big analytics, which you gives excellent insights of which articles or post are giving you maximum revenue, here are few benefits:

  • Big Data Analytics: Big data analytics give you useful insights of which category posts are doing well on your website and what is the EPMV (CPM of Ezoic) of the given post.
  • SEO Analytics: You can connect your google search console with Ezoic and get insights of which google query is getting you highest EPMV
  • Add Video: You can add videos on your website and earn using ezoic video ads also, without going on to youtube.
  • Leap: Leap is a tool, using which you can cache images, JS, CSS, HTML files to speed up your website, which will improve your website rankings on google and help you get more visits.
  • Free SSL: Well, once you website is on Ezoic, you don't need to buy SSL every year or 2, since they give you for free.

Know which blog articles are performing well using Ezoic Big Data Analytics

If you are already using Ezoic or want to use it in the future, you can check which article is giving you best EPMV (or you can say CPM in Adsense term)

In Ezoic Dashboard, Navigate to "Analytics" -> "Content" -> "Landing Pages" -> Now sort by "EMPV"

You will see the article, which is giving you the highest-earning/ pageviews, so you can create more similar articles and earn more.

There are many more benefits of using Ezoic which I cannot provide you here, once you will start using it, you will see it for yourself.

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