The ongoing research and development over the web and mobile app development spawned the ongoing success of full stack web development. Fullstack development is the result of continuous research and efforts to make the development faster.

The trends and technologies are not perpetual and keep changing every now and then, which demands the developer to stay abreast with the latest technology and ready to cope with the changes. The explosion of micro-businesses and start-ups revved up the skilled set demand as the benchmark for the developer.

These sudden changes in the trends and the flood of rapid application development framework pushed the developers to analyze the trend and tick the most significant ones as per choice. This boosted the demand for a full stack developer.

What is Full Stack Web-Development?

The literal meaning of Full Stack Developer is the developer who possesses the dexterity in both front end and backend development. Although this is not the standard by the industry still it is the basic prerequisites for Full stack web development.

The range of full stack development starts from the knowledge of front-end development to backend development including hand-on experience over DevOps and Designing tools.

The work of a full stack developer is not just limited to the development. In fact, if you hire full stack developer, he should have knowledge of deploying, optimizing, and automating the application.

What is Full-Stack development used for?

  • The full-stack development is used in the project demanding multiple technologies and great user experience.
  • A full-stack developer needs to be proficient in both front-end and back-end of a website, with knowledge of many programming/scripting or markup languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and ASP.NET with SQL server as database.
  • The choice of the right set of technology can create an overwhelming application, where the graphics and animation are also among the required skills for the full stack developer for creating the engaging frontend.
  • A full stack developer works with multiple technologies and software tools.

What technologies are learned by full-stack developer:


This is the entry gate for web development. The only language browser understands has gone to a large change. HTML and CSS are the basic building block for developing websites.


This was earlier known as the client-side script language and now it has become the strong powerful part of the front-end development. Every year some new framework comes into the market making front end more engaging and powerful. The knowledge of other JS framework such as Angular JS and React JS is an add on for developers.

Any Server side programming language:

Apart from front-end development, the strong hold over the backend programming is also necessary. This allows handling the business logics in a better way and making operations over the data.

Server side programming languages can be C# ( ASP.NET), PHP, Java (with Servlet or Spring), Python (Django)


SQL server, MySQL etc are few databases which a full-stack developer must know.

Although, the database is no more the requirement; instead, it is the compulsory demand for dynamic applications. Gaining expertise over any of the famous databases gives an edge.


The knowledge of networks also empowers development efforts. HTTP lets user, server communicates, and REST provides the interoperability between internet and system.

Configuration management:

Version and configuration management is an essential feature required for stack development. The GIT version control system helps to ensure and note down the changes in the application.

What are the Advantages of Full-stack application development

  1. Knowledge of entire design structure
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Easy Shift
  4. Best talent
  5. Comprehensive Solution
  6. Intelligent option for medium and small enterprises

Knowledge of entire design structure:

The experienced developer with expertise overall trending programming frameworks facilitates ease to work over any part of the application. The developer is not tied down to the single part of the web app and can handle any kind of slippage during the development.

Cost reduction:

Web development services demand backend programming, frontend development, and database-level interaction. Hiring the skill set for each separately results in the higher cost and increased demand for management. Whereas the super skillset (I will call full stack the super skillset), reduces the cost and makes the development effort more concentrated.

Easy Shift:

When a single person runs the engine, it is easy to accelerate, decelerate, and modify the speed. Similarly, when the full stack application development is on the place, the complete responsibility of management is over that one person.

This induces the huge timesaving because a single person can solve the bugs, issues, and complexities. Moreover, the same person is responsible for end-user experience. Later on, if the tweaks are there or some upgradations are there, he or she can come up with a better solution as he knows the loopholes of the application.

Best talent

Hiring a full stack developer is meant to hire the best talent available because he can sequentially work over the tasks gradually and can better manage the tasks with the time.

Comprehensive Solution:

Web development services demand the complete solutions and the stack developer has knowledge and expertise for reaching to the root of the problems and fixes them in a substantial manner.

Intelligent option for medium and small enterprises:

The full stack application development is a prudent option for small and large businesses. The core advantage stakeholders enjoy is cost reduction. One developer is needed to handle the multiple tools at the same time.

What is the salay of Full-Stack developer?

All Companies pay differently to a full-stack developer, Full stack developer salary for fresher starts from $84,223 per year. And the senior full stack developer salary may go up to $1,44,000 per year, here are some of the companies and basic full stack developer pay (as per knowledgehut .com )

  • TCS full stack developer salary: $112,034/year
  • Accenture full stack developer salary: $99,274/year
  • Google full stack developer salary: $106,937/year
  • Deloitte full stack developer salary: $87,406/year
  • Cognizant full stack developer salary: $98,868/year


Cost-cutting is one of the major motives behind switching technologies. Other important aims are to reduce the time and effort along with achieving a high level of quality. The web development company like Devtechnosys excels in every demand of the time.

Therefore, it stands atop and in high demand. It is an ushering trend gradually revealing innovations. The development effort involves three layers: The database layer, the Business Logic Layer, and Presentation Layer.

The demanded stack takes care of the steps from concept to the finished product. Above, you have just viewed the generic advantages, while the full advantage you can reap out while hiring the one.

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