How we use tempdata in controller from another controller in mvc?

How we use temp data (or pass values) in one controller from another controller in mvc? 

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You can pass data from one controller to another in MVC, Suppose you need to pass value from Index ActionMethod of HomeControlller to Index ActionMethod of Home2Controller

HomeController -Index Method Code will be

public ActionResult Index()
    Person data = new Customer()
        Id = 1,
        Name = "Abcd"       
    TempData["mydata"] = data; // save your values in Temp data
    return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home2"); //Call Index ActionMethod of Home2 controller

And to get values in Home2Controller using Tempdata, your code will be

public ActionResult Index()
    Person data = TempData["mydata"] as Person ; //Get data as Person type
    return View(data);

here Person is Model

At:- 11/7/2017 10:20:32 AM

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