How to convert a positive number to negative number and negative to positive in C#?

Hello, I would like to know, How can I convert a positive number ( int type) to a negative number in C# and vice-versa ( negative to positive number using C#)?



Asked by:- bhanu
: 12028 At:- 6/3/2019 6:00:56 PM
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2 Answers
profileImage Answered by:- pika

To Convert positive number to negative number using C#

int myNegInt = System.Math.Abs(myNumber) * (-1);

or Simply

int NegNumber= -System.Math.Abs(myNumber)

To Convert negative number to positive number in C#

var NegativeNumber= -1010;
var PositiveNumber=Math.Abs(NegativeNumber); //output 1010

That's it.

At:- 6/6/2019 7:38:48 AM

profileImage Answered by:- bhanu

There is a simple way to convert positive to negative in C#

var positive = 5;
var negative = -positive;

and to convert negative to positive in C#

var getPositiveValue = (Math.Abs(-5));


At:- 1/19/2022 1:47:04 PM

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