Extract String between two string in C#?

Hello, I want simple and easy solution to extract or get string between two strings in C#, so for example I have string "Hello World, I am .NET developer", I need output as "I am" only.

How can i do it in simple and fast way? Thanks

Asked by:- Vinnu
: 3228 At:- 5/27/2022 8:01:53 AM
C# string between strings

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profileImage Answered by:- vikas_jk

Since, we need string between "," and "." so we already know from where to extract string, we can use .substring()

		string str = "Hello World, I am .NET developer";
		int startPoint = str.IndexOf(",") + ",".Length;
		int endPOint = str.LastIndexOf(".");

		String result = str.Substring(startPoint, endPOint - startPoint);

and this will give output

 I am

Using Regex

        string str = "Hello World, I am .NET developer";
        var match = Regex.Match(str, @"(\s([a-zA-Z]+\s)+)").Groups[1].Value;


Hope it helps, Thanks

At:- 5/27/2022 8:31:44 AM
Thanks substring method looks good to me. 0
By : Vinnu - at :- 5/27/2022 8:35:09 AM

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