How to comment PowerShell code?

I am new to PowerShell and would like to know How to comment PowerShell code? I am currently using PowerShell 7 on Windows 11.


Asked by:- neena
: 729 At:- 11/8/2022 7:28:36 AM
Powershell how to comment powershell code

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profileImage Answered by:- vikas_jk

You can use # to comment single line PowerShell Code and <# and #> symbols to create a multiple-line comment block in Powershell.

Single-Line Comment

# Your Comment Here in PowerShell


Get-Process -Name *host*

Multi-Line Comment

In Powershell 2.0 or above, you can make multi-line comment as below

  This is Comment
  This is also comment, line 2
  Some More text here


if (Get-Service $servicename -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
Write-Host "$servicename exists"
Multi-line Comment
Here it would not execute

Also in PowerShell ISE you can hit Ctrl+J to open the Start Snipping menu and select Comment block to add it.

At:- 11/8/2022 7:33:43 AM
Thanks for helpful details on Powershell comments. 0
By : neena - at :- 11/8/2022 7:34:59 AM

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