There can be cases in web-development when you don't want to use jQuery, but you still need some similar javascript library which can help you in web application development task, so here are the few javascript libraries which can be used instead of jQuery.

1. Prototype

Prototype is a javascript library that is not as popular asJquery but it is comprehensively used in some popular applications (such as Ruby on Rails).It was created as a part of the foundation for Ajax support in Ruby on Rails.It is created to reduce the complexity out of client-side web programming.

it adds useful extensions to the browser scripting environment and provides elegant APIs around the clumsy interfaces of Ajax and the Document Object Model.


2. Durandal

Durandal is a cross-device, cross-platform client framework written in JavaScript and designed to make Single Page Applications (SPAs) easy to create and maintain. It has strong support for MVC, MVP and MVVM model type. It has following features

  • Clean MV* Architecture
  • JS & HTML Modularity
  • Simple App Lifecycle
  • Eventing, Modals, Message Boxes, etc.
  • Navigation & Screen State Management
  • Consistent Async Programming w/ Promises
  • App Bundling and Optimization
  • Use any Backend Technology
  • Built on top of jQuery, Knockout & RequireJS
  • Integrates with popular CSS libraries such as Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Make Your Own Template and Bindable Widgets
  • Fully Testable

3. Ext JS

Ext is similar to Jquery and Prototype providing the same functionality using different syntax, the DOM model can be accessed using the Ext framework as well as Ajax applications can be developed. It is compatible with Jquery and Prototype even though it is an entirely different library. Ext is very easy to use as it has predefined UI objects that can be instantly called into a web page, these controls include text areas, toolbars and radio buttons among several others.

4. Dojo Toolkit

Dojo Toolkit is an open source modular JavaScript library (or more specifically JavaScript toolkit) designed to ease the rapid development of cross-platform, JavaScript/Ajax-based applications and web sites.Dojo is advertised as more of a 'toolkit' than a library or javascript framework itself but it qualifies as a suitable alternative to Jquery. It is open source and consists of several Javascript and Ajax based applets for immediate use.

It provides everything you need to build a Web app. Language utilities, UI components, and more, all in one place, designed to work together perfectly.


5. MooTools

MooTools is a collection of JavaScript utilities designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful and flexible code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent APIs.

Mootools is new javascript library but it is gaining popularity quickly because it is easier to use and it is an open source library. It is also gaining popularity due to new WordPress plugins which are developed using MooTools.

6. is a JavaScript library built on the Prototype JavaScript Framework, providing dynamic visual effects and user interface elements via the Document Object Model (DOM).
It is built on Prototype but it is separate javascript library, which is mainly used in Ruby on Rails applications and Seaside, but it can be used with other web application also. extends the Prototype JavaScript Framework by adding visual effects, user interface controls, and utilities. Visual effectsThere are five core effects offers: Opacity, Scale, MoveBy, Highlight, and Parallel.

Developers can create new visual effects also.

7. Umbrella JS

Umbrella JS is strongly influenced by jquery with many similar methods so you'll feel at ease developing with Umbrella.However there are also some improvements such as with .ajax(), .append(), etc.
It is of 3kb when gzipped means it will load in a snap on mobile. The core is reusable so new features are also tiny.

Tested and Performant

The speed is similar to jquery and there are many tests, including performance ones.

That's it, there are many other jQuery alternatives, but we have discussed few only, which are popular. My recommendation is to stick with jQuery only, as it is widely used and as many developers are already using it, you can find questions/article of jQuery on our website too easily.