While working with SQL Server database tables, we may want to run query to get records of last quater or you can say get records of last 3 months in SQL Server using Datetime column, so in this article, I have mentioned how we can do this in SQL Server with an example.

Let's consider we have below SQL Server and we want to get only last 3 months data from it:


Then we can use DATEADD() function in SQL Server.

DateAdd() function has below syntax

DATEDADD(DatePart, increment/decrement (int), expression (date))

where, DatePart = The part of date to which DATEADD adds an integer number, like Month, Date or year.

int = An expression that can resolve to an int that DATEADD adds to a datepart of date.

date = valid date or datetime value.

Considering above table and DateAdd function, we can have below query to get 3 months records in SQL Server

FROM [OrderDetails].[dbo].[Order]

Which will return rows which has OrderDate of last 3 months.

In the above query DateAdd as 3 parameters:

Month = which denotes, we will compare value with Month.

-3 = Number of months to deduct.

GetDate = returns today's date.

Once you will execute above query, you will see output as below:


As you can see from above output, only 3 rows are returned which has OrderDate created within 3 months.

We can also modify above query to return last 90 days records in SQL Server

FROM [OrderDetails].[dbo].[Order]
WHERE OrderDate >= DATEADD(DAY, -90, GETDATE()) 

Output would be same as above.

That's it.

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