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Dynamic Menu Tree View from Database

This is the sample link from here also.

Sample Tree View

I've just wanted to know what is the best approach to render it fast.

On the link I provided you will see a tree view coming out from database.

What should I do to render it fast. Here's what I think please guide for better approache(s).

1) Load only parent, then load children when the parent was clicked. (What I think was, why should I fetch all data if I am not using it. That's why I only load parent then the children when the parent is clicked. Is right or not).

2) Build the tree view in api/controller before sending it back to frontview so when the loading was complete all data was already built. (but it takes to fetch coming out from api, the user will see broken menu tree view. Lets say I have e-commerce site like this. below image). How to build menu like this in fastest way without seeing broken tree. (The image is sample to see expected result.)

Happy Coding!

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How to catch exception in log parser(MSUtil) though SSIS Package while inserting log file data to table?

I am using LogParser tool (MSUtil dll) to insert data in db through SSIS Package.

I am using following code in script task component:

Looping through log files and using following :


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Remove duplicates from datatable in C#


based on this


I create my data and I store them in a datatable.

Now I have another datatable which I fill it from my database.

I need to remove the duplicates from the first datatable and fill a datagridview.

This is what I have so far

C# remove-duplicates-from-datatable
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How to delete a file, after checking if it exists or not using C#?

I would like to know, how can I delete a file, after checking if it exists on the hard disk, if yes, then delete it, using C# in asp.net?


C# ASP.NET Delete a file using C#
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How to convert a positive number to negative number and negative to positive in C#?

Hello, I would like to know, How can I convert a positive number ( int type) to a negative number in C# and vice-versa ( negative to positive number using C#)?



C# positive-to-negative-int negative-to-positive-int

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How to remove double quotes from string using C#?

I wanted to remove double quotes from a string using C#, How can I do that easily and efficiently?

For Example, I have string : "-10,20", how to get output -> -10,20


C# remove double quotes string

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