Need articles that covers complete tutorials (with syntax) for LINQ or ENTITY FRAMEWORK? Like MozillaDeveloper.

Is there an article that covers all syntaxes for LINQ or ENTITY FRAMEWORK

I want to learn EF, however when i am looking for good resources it always limited. 

And also should I learn LINQ before knowing EF?

The only thing that I've found great was LINQ 101.

Thanks and advance.

Asked by:- Aileereal
: 2861 At:- 2/28/2018 1:05:06 PM
ASP.NET C# Linq tutorial entity framework tutorial

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profileImage Answered by:- Sam

No, You don't need to learn Linq before Entity framework, you need to have basic knowledge of it, and alternative is lambda expression using entity framework

For EF tutorial, Which tutorial do you need Code first or Database First approach?

Entity framework tutorial links

For basic connectivity using code first here is the article

If you need connecting to database using Database first approach in EF in MVC

Now about complete tutorial website, I find this website helpful which has both code first approach and database first explained.

EF complete details by microsoft

PDF link :

Linq tutorial

Few website links (The one which you mentioned I think)

If you want more tutorial, there are many courses on Udemy and pluralsight, which is paid but i don't recommeed it personallly when you already have lots of website's tutorial and pdf available to download for free.

But you will learn it most when you will start coding in it.

At:- 3/1/2018 8:02:37 AM Updated at:- 3/1/2018 8:03:25 AM
Thanks, for these informations. 0
By : Aileereal - at :- 3/9/2018 1:32:44 PM

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