how to loop on JSON result & show it to user using jquery?

I am getting JSON result from my C# MVC controller into front end using Ajax call

	"Profiles": [{
		"CustomerName": "Ichiban Fish House",
		"Distance": 4978.96
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Dragonfly Bakery\u0026amp;Cafe",
		"Distance": 4745.74
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Roadside Country Diner The",
		"Distance": 4336.64
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Brock Stop The",
		"Distance": 4336.64
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Charcoal Cook House",
		"Distance": 4336.64
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Bayview Diner",
		"Distance": 4286.19
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Ridalco Industries Inc",
		"Distance": 4286.19
	}, {
		"CustomerName": "Cartel Taco",
		"Distance": 3396.05

now i would like to loop through it and show Customer name and Distance in a table using jQuery.

here is the current code of HTML table

<table class="table table-bordered table-hover">
                   <th>Customer Name</th>
                   <th>Distance(in km)</th>
            <tbody id="TablBody">


How can i achieve this?

Asked by:- pika
: 2783 At:- 8/11/2017 11:56:25 AM
jQuery Ajax Loop-JSON-data

2 Answers
profileImage Answered by:- vikas_jk

You can easily loop on your JSON data using jquery $.each(), so your code would be something like this

                     url: "/Test/TestMethod",
                     type: 'GET',//type of request
                     success: function (data) {
                         //Check if Profiles have data using .length function
                         if (data.Profiles.length > 0) { 
                             //Create a string to be appneded as html in table
                             var tableBody = "";
                             $.each(data.Profiles, function (i, item) {

                       tableBody = tableBody + "<tr><td>" + item.CustomerName + "</td><td>" + item.Distance + "</td></tr>";
                             //Show TablBody html as above created string
                             alert("No data")
                     error: function () {


You can also use javascript for loop instead of $.each if needed, hope this helps.

At:- 8/11/2017 12:08:36 PM Updated at:- 12/24/2022 9:11:11 AM

profileImage Answered by:- jaya

You can also use the javascript approach, you can loop over the JSON Result array like this:

for(var i = 0; i < json.length; i++) {
    var obj = json[i];
    console.log(obj.Distance); // 4978.96

Or Suppose you multi-dimensional JSON result, you can loop it using jQuery like

$.each(data, function() {
  $.each(this, function(k, v) {
    // code here

If you have an array of objects/maps so the outer loop iterates over those. The inner loop iterates over the properties on each object element.

At:- 10/23/2017 2:33:08 PM

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