Best laptop for programming and video editing

In this article, you can find about best laptops for programmers to code, which can help you build/develop high-quality software, web-application, mobile application etc

Best Javascript Charting Libraries

In this article, I have provided list of various top quality Javascript chart libraries, which is useful for front-end developers and should be used in web-applications to show data efficiently.

Export to Excel C# GridView in ASP.NET Web-Form

In this article, I have provided working sample to export GridView data to excel using C# without using any external library.

Ways to Convert Datatable to List in C# (with performance test example)

This article explains you the various ways to convert Datatable to List using C# with example, this article also shows a small performance test of linq and foreach method.

Best programming languages to learn (Ebooks and Udemy Course Links)

In this article, I am going to give brief details on best coding languages to learn (beginner or expert), which you should start learning to get a developer job / freelance jobs as Software developer.

Read PDF file using Javascript

In this article, I have provided example to read content of pdf file using Javascript with code explanation.

Connect to SQL Server in C# (example using Console application)

In this article, I will provide working console application example in C# to connect to SQL server database and explain about connection string C# with various connection strings sample.

Widely asked C# Programming interview questions with answers

In this article, I have provided list of most widely used C# interview questions and answers, which a beginner or advanced developer should know.

Email Validation using Javascript (With OR Without Regex)

In this article, I have explained about various possible methods for JavaScript email validation with regex and without regex, with example.

Best Free ASP.NET Hosting Providers

In this article, I have provided few best free asp net hosting websites, which can be useful to publish demo application for free.

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