Binary search program in C with Algorithm

In this article, I will provide you explanation of binary search using example and will explain algorithm with working code example for Binary search in C.

Encrypt password & decrypt it (C# Console application example)

In this article, I am going to provide code in C# to encrypt password and decrypt it using AES in Console application example & also shows MD5 password hashing example.

Understanding SQL server COALESCE() with example (ISNULL comparison included)

In this article, I am going to provide you complete details of SQL server COALESCE function with example & will compare it with ISNULL.

Selection sort explanation & program in Java

This article provides you a basic knowledge of selection sort in java with working example in java

State Management in Asp.Net

This article provides you details of managing state in web applications and explains state management options using example.

Bootstrap Tutorial (Part-1)

Article explains Bootstrap 3 basics and it's implementation while creating a website or web-application using it, this is 2 part basic tutorial for beginners to learn Bootstrap 3.

Bootstrap Tutorial (Part-2)

This article is second part of bootstrap tutorial, which explains further about bootstrap framework, these two part tutorial helps you learn about the bootstrap 3 basics quickly.

Understanding C# Classes and Objects with example

In this article, I will provide you proper details for understanding C# classes and objects with the example using Visual Studio console application.

Creating palindrome program in C (checking string & number)

In this article, I will provide you working code for checking if integer or string is palindrome or not in C with code explanation.

Java program to reverse a string (Different ways explained)

In this article, I will provide working code examples of various ways to reverse a string in Java with explanation of code.

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