What is the visual studio 2019 or 2022 download size, complete Community Edition?

I am trying to download Visual Studio 2019 Community edition for offline or Visual Studio 2022 community edition for offline, but I would like to know what is the total size for Visual Studio 2019 / 2022 Community Edition? I have downloaded 20GB of VS 2019, but it is still not complete, so I would like to know how long I will have to wait.

Asked by:- bhanu
: 10453 At:- 4/25/2020 1:47:35 PM
Visual Studio visual studio 2019 download size

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profileImage Answered by:- vikas_jk

I have downloaded complete VS a few days ago and total size of Visual Studio 2019 Community version is 31.2 Gb as of now.

You can take a look at the below image of the screenshot which I took after downloading it completly.


So, if you have downloaded 20Gb, you still need 11.2 Gb more to download.

Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition Offline Size

Total size of Visual Studio 2022 community edition offline version is around 31.1 GB, which is almost similar to VS 2019.

At:- 4/25/2020 1:55:22 PM Updated at:- 8/8/2022 12:00:30 AM
Thanks, it helps. 0
By : bhanu - at :- 4/25/2020 1:59:55 PM

profileImage Answered by:- bhanu

I would like to update, I have downloaded Visual Studio 2019 community version (Complete offline) and it's download size is 37.3 GB (as of Dec 23rd,2020)

Also, size of offline version depends on features installed.

Check all Visual Studio ISO Download links

At:- 12/23/2020 2:54:40 PM

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