If you are a web developer and working with HTML, then you may want to comment out some HTML block code or comment multiples line in HTML, so in this article, I have mentioned how you can simply comment multiples lines in HTML

HTML Comments

In HTML, comment is text enclosed within < !?  ?> tags, which tells browser not to render that text in front-end of website.

So for example, this is basic HTML comment.

<!--this is comment-->

Only a few browsers support the comment tag for commenting on a part of an HTML code.

HTML multiple lines Comments

HTML supports both single-line and multi-line comments. We can use multiple lines comments or block comments, by the beginning tag <!-- and ending tag -->.

For example:

<!--this is multiple line comment
in HTML-->
<div> Hello World</div>

Another example

a (multi-line)
<p>Some sample HTML</p>
<div>Hello World</div>

You can check fiddle here:


However, do note that comment within a comment i.e. nested comment is not supported in the same way in HTML

    <!-- Such Nested comments are unsupported -->
    Sample of ineligible multiline comment that can span 
    across multiple lines within the html doc.

HTML Comment Shortcuts in Various IDE

  • Visual Studio Code (VS Code) HTML Comment Shortcut: In Windows is 'Shift+Alt+A'.
  • Visual Studio HTML comment shortcut: 'Ctrl+K+C'
  • In Eclipse: For single line comment, you can use Ctrl + /, and for multiple line comments you can use Ctrl + Shift + / after selecting the lines you want to comment in the java editor.
  • In Notepad++: CTRL + Q
  • In Sublime: Ctrl + /, for multiple lines Ctrl+Shift+/
  • In Dreamweaver: Ctrl + Alt + A

There are many more IDE, but I have mentioned some commonly used IDE HTML comment shortcut.

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