In this article, i am going to mention some website/web applications names, which help your new website gain more traffic or help will help you to optimize your website.

1. Google Analytics:

One of the well-known tools and very powerful to analyze your website's data and current online user using real-time link etc.
You need to implement it accordingly to understand your visitor interest, traffic source etc.
For indexing your new website you need to submit your website's sitemap to google crawler using Google Search Console, if you haven't created sitemap yet, you can generate it using (online sitemap generator tool).


2. SumoMe:

SumoMe is an online tool that helps a website to grow your its traffic and email list, it is free, and you can install it in a couple of minutes. You just need to enter your website URL and they will ask you to place a javascript code on your website or to install a plugin if you have a WordPress website.

- List Builders: Welcome Mat, Pop-Up, Top bar.
- Fully customizable Social Buttons.
- Heat Maps:  find out if your users are reading your posts and where are they clicking.

It has few free services, you can use free services or pay for pro version which includes Email marketing.

3. HotJar:

Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.

  • Visitor recordings and Heatmaps
  • Polls, Surveys

4. Link Collider:

Link Collider help's us to generate backlinks, facebook share's like using token. You can buy new tokens or earn it by sharing other's website from link collider.
It has numerous SEO tools which can help your website grow traffic.

5. Seobility:

Seobility is an online tool which can help you track ranking keywords of your website, can also provide you helpful insights of your website related to SEO.

With this tool you can help your new website grow. It allows you to:

  • Crawl website and audit all pages
  • Monitor your website page ranks.
  • Check all internal or external backlinks of your website.
  • Monitor SEO Backlinks, spy on your competitors and find ideas for link building
  • Track daily keyword rankings on different search engines and country or city levels

6. gives you 700+ keyword ideas based on a single keyword

Enter a keyword, and the Keyword Tool provides a huge handful of long-tail keyword opportunities, organized alphabetically.

7. Open Site Explorer:

The free version of Open Site explorer gives you a quick look a full range of link analysis, including a look at the most impactful links coming your way and your most linked-to pages.

8. QuickSprount website Analyze:

The QuickSprout tool does a comprehensive look at just about everything: SEO optimization, speed, tags, keywords, social, links, and even competitor comparisons.



9. Schema Creator:

Customize they way your website appear in search.

Create custom code so that your reviews, events, organizations, and people are displayed the way you want on search pages. Once you’ve created your schema code, copy and paste to your website, or try the free WordPress plugin for an even easier implementation.

10.Content Proofreader:

Grammarly - As search engine algorithms evolve the weight of the user experience as ranking factor increases and grammar and spelling are a big part of it.

Grammarly corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, while also catching contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage.

11. SEO Site Check Up:

SEO Site check up  runs through fast audit of your website and give you full details related to SEO, speed, advanced SEO, security, of your website, plus shows you how to fix the error also, so for beginners, it is very helpful to know there website's error, page load time etc

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