When you are working with IDE like Visual Studio or Code Editor like Visual Studio code, you may want to keep it updated and you also want to know which version or edition of Visual Studio or VS Code you are using, so in this article I have mentioned how you can check which version of Visual Studio or VS Code you are using, by CMD or using GUI.

Check Visual Studio Version

There are 2 methods to check version, one if very basic using GUI and other is using CMD.

Using GUI

Step 1: Open Visual Studio (If you are using VS 2019 or 2022, then after opening Visual Studio, click on "Continue without code")

Step 2: Click on "Help" -> "About Microsoft Visual Studio", you will see Visual Studio version and edition also


Using CMD

We can also use Command line tools (CMD) to check Visual Studio version, but it works for VS 2017 or above, you can run this below query

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\vswhere.exe" -latest

You will see output as below


Check Visual Studio(VS) Code Version

Above article section I have given steps to check VS version, but if you are using Visual Studio(VS) Code, you can check version using GUI or CMD and follow this steps.

Using GUI

In this method, you can simply open Visual Studio Code and then click on "Help" -> "About", you will see output windows as below, which shows VS Code version, here is the GIF image


If you are using MacOS

  • Open Visual Studio Code(VSCode)
  • Click on Code
  • From the list , select 'About Visual Studio Code'

Using CMD

You can also check Visual Studio(VS) Code version using CMD also

Open CMD and use below code

code --version


code -v

You will see VS Code version in output as below

C:\Users\vks-ssd>code --version

That's it, hope it helps.

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