In one of our previous article, I have provided best free ASP.NET hosting provider and how to create free tier Amazon EC2 Windows server, now in this article, I will provide you with detailed comparison between AWS and DigitalOcean so you can decide which hosting server will be better for you.


Cloud computing is the distribution of computing services via the Internet (the cloud), including network servers, cloud storage, databases, networking, analytics, software,and intelligence, to provide faster and more flexible resources.

Cloud-based services includes - Web hosting, data sharing, and software usage.DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are cloud service platforms that, helps companies use the above-mentioned services.

Both cloud service platforms have many users, but when it comes to choosing between AWS and DigitalOcean you must learn about these two first.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS is a broadly adopted cloud platform with 200 fully featured services from data services around the world.This is one of the most secure and flexible cloud computing environments available in present era.


Advantages of AWS:

  • 200 fully featured services.
  • Cost-Effective.
  • Secure cloud computing.
  • Fastest pace of innovation.
  • Reliable cloud services.
  • Powerhouse of storage.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Adaptable.
  • Fast and agile.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Scalable and high-performance.

Disadvantages of AWS:

  • Higher fees for large projects.
  • Cloud computing glitches.
  • Not particularly user-friendly.
  • If not effectively handled, there are hidden costs.
  • Priority assistance is costly.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is one of the leading cloud service provider. DigitalOcean's full cloud platform allows you to design, manage, and scale your applications.

It provides developers with a set of virtual servers and object storage that is both stable and simple to use. It is appropriate for small businesses.


Disadvantages of DigitalOcean

  • Scalable cloud computing.
  • Fully managed databases
  • Highly scalable storage options
  • Customizable networking products
  • Rich marketplace
  • Well documented FAQ and tutorials
  • Developer friendly Tools
  • Affordable
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Easy to use
  • Great community support
  • Great speed
  • Up to date technology.
  • SSD based VMs

Disadvantages of DigitalOcean

  • Errors and issues are not effectively addressed.
  • Country specific service.
  • You are unable to put the system together by yourself.
  • Limited regions.
  • Limited products.
  • There is no simple email setup.
  • Sometimes Customer Support can take time to reply.
  • No Windows Server, until now.
  • Spaces are better than Amazon S3 but can be more cheaper, as they are not very scalabale.

Difference between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean

Here is the difference between both the services in Tabular format.

Parameters Amazon Web Services (AWS) DigitalOcean




Parent Company



Customer Type

If you don’t have enough time to install patches and updates, then AWS is the right choice

If you want a MySQL instance, then DigitalOcean is the preferable cloud service platform


Anyone who can afford large-scale applications

Smal developers

Mobile Friendly UI



Accepted forms of payment

Credit Cards

Credit Cards, Paypal


Pricing starts from $14 per month

Pricing starts from $5 per month




Key Features

Simple dashboard, Great community, and Easy Configuration

Auto-scaling, reliable, and easy management


Fully compatible with any Operating System

It is not compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating System


Extremely reliable infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure

Type of Cloud

Platform as a Service or (PaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Affiliate Program




High variety of services

Quick server deployments and affordable pricing




Backup/ restore

Quick backup

Backup is bit slower than AWS


Most recognizable cloud brand

New but fast-growing cloud brand


Highest number of locations

Good number of locations


Amazon was the first company to offer IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), which aided small and large businesses alike in finding a cost-effective data storage solution. Amazon Web Services was deployed in 2006.

DigitalOcean was launched in 2011.It is a well-known newcomer in the cloud hosting industry.DigitalOcean is solely focused on the demands of developers.

Parent Company:

Amazon is the parent company of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

DigitalOcean is an independent company.DigitalOcean is managed by CEO Yancey Spruill.

Customer Type:

Well-known companies, large industries and leading organizations—are using AWS.If you don’t want to invest your time in install patches and updates, then AWS is the right thing to pick.

If you need a MySQL instance, DigitalOcean is the best cloud service platform to use.DigitalOcean provides a straightforward, user-friendly setup.


Small or big developers who can afford the AWS can be the user of this cloud service. Mostly large companies use AWS.

DigitalOcean is mostly utilized by businesses with 10-50 employees and a revenue of $1 million to $10 million.

Mobile Friendly UI

AWS's user interface is not mobile-friendly.

DigitalOcean is a mobile-friendly user interface.

Accepted forms of payment:

The supported payment method of AWS is Credit Cards. They offer various payment method for global users. You can try it out while paying the bills.

DigitalOcean accepts payments from Credit Cards.DigialOcean also accepts payment from Paypal account.


AWS is not an inexpensive service.The monthly fee starts at $14.You can take the service as hourly or monthly basis. It is up to you, but Reserved instance for a year is much cheaper than hourly.

DigitalOceanis an affordable service.The monthly charge here is as little as $5.


AWS is a little hard to understand. The system is complex.

DigitalOcean is simple to use. Playing the system is straightforward.

Key Features

AWS features a user-friendly dashboard, a vibrant community, and simple configuration.

Auto-scaling, resiliency, and ease of management are all features of DigitalOcean.With DigitalOcean application server, you can deploy faster and scale more easily, saving your team time and money.


Amazon works with any operating system.

DigitalOcean is incompatible with Microsoft's Windows operating system.


AWS got an extremely reliable infrastructure. Large companies rely on Amazon Web Services.

DigitalOcean has a solid infrastructure in place.It is mostly used by the small developers.

Type of Cloud

AWS is Platform as a Service or (PaaS) focused, while DigitalOcean is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) focused.

Affiliate Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS): No

DigitalOcean: Yes.


Amazon Web Services has a broad range of services.Anyone who can afford the cost of AWS can gain the best outcome from it.

DigitalOcean has server deployments which are completed quickly, and prices are reasonable.


In AWS, bandwidth is pricey.On the other hand, DigitalOcean is inexpensive.

Backup/ restore

AWS has a rapid backup feature. This is quick backup option.

DigitalOcean’s backup is bit slower than AWS.


AWS started their journey a lot ago than DigitalOcean. This one is more popular and well recognized.

DigitalOcean is less popular than AWS. But it is growing very fast.


AWS serve a large number of regions. DigitalOcean serves a limited regions than the AWS.

However, the battle between Amazon Web Services (AWS)and DigitalOcean cannot be justified.But we can surely say that AWS is preferable for the large companies and DigitalOcean can be used for the small developers. But the platforms are amazing performers and used by a large number of people.

Pricing Comparison

DigitalOCean Basic Plans Price For General Purpose Droplets

Memory vCPUs Transfer SSD $/MO
8GB 2vCPU 4TB 25GB $60.00
16GB 4vCPUs 5TB 50GB $120.00
32GB 8vCPUs 6TB 100GB $240.00
64GB 16vCPUs 7TB 200GB $480.00
128GB 32vCPUs 8TB 400GB $960.00
160GB 40vCPUs 9TB 500GB $1200.00

You can start with DigitalOcean for 5$/month which can be used with PHP, Node.JS, Python, etc. and provides free HTTPS also.

AWS Pricing

It is always better to buy All Upfront Reserved instance if you want to use AWS, which reduces cost heavily, rather than going for hourly and per month basis, so I am going to provide All upfront yearly cost for a server only.

Plan All Upfront Cost CPU Memory
t3.micro-Linux $53/year 2 1
t3.small- Linux $107/year 2 2
t3.medium-Linux $213/year 2 4
t3.large-Linux $426/year 2 8
t2.micro -Windows $99/year 1 1
t2.small- Windows $198/year 1 2
t2.medium-Windows $393/year 2 4
t2.large-Windows $715/year 2 8

You can review more Reserved instance pricing here

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